48V Podded (underwater) drive systems (Easybox)

The 48V Basic System provides your boat with a basic electric drive system. The system is quick to install (plug and play) and all electrical components are contained in one unit.

It is primarily designed as a battery only system with a 48V battery bank of sufficient capacity. The batteries can be charged via shore power connection or at the touch of a button using the re-generation ‘REGEN’ function (when main engine is running or using propeller drag when sailing)

Basic system components

1. Fischer Panda electric motor (pod version)
2. Fischer Panda EasyBox control unit
3. Control panel GD2
4. Throttle (IP40)

Optional system components

5. Propeller
6. Battery bank
7. Battery charging
8. Shore power connection
9. Power for 230 V electrical consumers

Basic Drive System as battery-only  (100% pure electric) system

Perfect for cruising on waters where combustion engines are not allowed. AGM or Lithium battery banks can be used in an Easybox system. The system is designed for monohulls, catamarans or trimarans requiring a single or dual drive system.

  • 1 x 10 kW / 2 x 10 kW DE-Shaft or AZIPROP podded drive
  • 1 x 48 V battery bank

High performance motors from Fischer Panda

  • Permanent magnet technology
  • Highly efficient
  • Brushless
  • Stainless steel / aluminium housing
  • High torque – even at low speeds
  • Easy to maintenance – suited for commercial applications.
  • Regeneration
  • No oil used for cooling
  • Maximum torque – even from the first turn!
  • Quiet noise – no gears
  • 48 Volt – low voltage
  • Integrated thrust bearing
  • All performance ratings = on the shaft

The AZIPROP versions are underwater podded propellers which require no additional cooling. They can be fitted to an existing rudder or steering system. The AZIPROP motor features a 3-stage sealing ring which provides a high degree of security and the minimum of maintenance. Fischer Panda offers various mountings to suit various hull forms.

Type Voltage rpm Preformance kW Torque Weight Article No Drawing Datasheet
A06-140-6-AZ 48 V 1250 / 2500 3,8 kW / 7,5 kW 28 Nm 18.7 0005699 FP1-055526 FP Electric_Motor_Pod_AZ_7,5kW_2500rpm
A50-160-6-AZ 48 V 1200 10 kW 78 Nm 50 kg 0013395 FP1-027749 FP Electric_Motor_Pod_AZ_10kW_1200rpm
B00-150-8-AZ 48 V 600 10 kW 160 Nm 76 kg 0015548 FP1-054441 FP Electric_Motor_Pod_AZ_10kW_600rpm
B00-150-8-AZ 48 V 1200 20 kW 160 Nm 76 kg 0000405 FP1-054483 FP Electric_Motor_Pod_AZ_20kW_1200rpm
B00-300-8-AZ 20 kW 48 V 600 20 kW 320 Nm 120 kg 0005682 FP1-054958 FP Electric_Motor_Pod_AZ_20kW_600rpm


Options / Accessories for Podded Motors

Rudder / propeller protection for B00-150-8-AZ 600/12 Motor:

  • Article No. : 0006864
  • Weight : 20 kg