Fischer Panda has developed an underwater motor for sailboats and smaller electric motorboats where the focus is not on speed but on but on the protection of nature and the emission-free and quiet operation.

Depending on the battery voltage, the customer can choose between two versions:

  • 1,7 kW pod motor with 2300 rpm (24 V)
  • 3,8 kW pod motor with 3000 rpm (48 V)

“Our motors practically produce no noise as they do not need a gearbox. The direct drive minimises noise and vibrations”, explains Martin Mews, head of the development department for electric drives at Fischer Panda, “The skipper can enjoy nature and the peace and quiet on board. At the same time, he protects the environment because his boat is running climate-neutrally. He also is more flexible with the electric motor because he can cruise on waters where boats with combustion engines are not permitted.”

The new electric pod motors have the maximum torque throughout their entire speed range. Full torque is available from the first turn of the motor. This makes manoeuvring in the harbour a breeze.

The motor itself contains no electronic components. These are housed within Fischer Panda Easybox controller unit. The EasyBox and battery bank are installed inside the boat. The electric motor is located under the boat’s hull.

The permanent magnet motor is water-cooled, brushless, sensorless and has a high efficiency.

The electric motor which is inside a compact and watertight housing is made of stainless steel. It can also be rotatably mounted. It is robust and durable. Thanks to its 3-stage sealing the motor provides maximum safety and minimum maintenance and is therefore also interesting for boat charter firms and commerical users.

Operating the electric drive is simple and the motor is started by simply pressing a button. With a stepless power control, the boat’s speed can be easily regulated. It is also possible to switch between forward and reverse without shifting gears.

The new Fischer Panda motor is equipped with a 3-blade aluminium Yamaha DELTA propeller. Yamaha propellers are available worldwide.

On request, Fischer Panda can supply appropriate brackets with which the motor can be used as an outboard motor.

Fischer Panda also manufactures in the higher power range from 7.5 kW (48 V) up to 100 kW (420 V).