Fischer Panda supplies you with reliable power at any time

  • Electric and Hybrid Drive Systems up to 100 kW
  • Integration with the main control system of the boat
  • Worldwide partners in your area
  • 3 kW to 200 kW generator systems
  • Extremely quiet and light generators
  • Parallel operation with multiple generators

Owners set their expectations very high when it comes to the on-board power supply. Components must not take up too much space, be as light and quiet as possible. The power supply has to be just as reliable as it is at home and foolproof to operate.

More than thirty years ago, Fischer Panda developed a generator technology that
could meet these high demands. Since then, numerous boat-owners in the world have appreciated both this and the quality of the technology used in the Fischer Panda generator. Years of experience with continuous research and development work have resulted in many developments, refinements and even award-winning innovations.

Today, Fischer Panda has an extensive range of standard products and also offers custom solutions for an individual energy supply that is tailored precisely to the customer.

Global dealers and partners

Numerous dealers and partners worldwide are available to advise and support you.