Fischer Panda Electric Drives

Sustainability and environmental awareness have become important aspects on the water, more and more boats and yachts are equipped with electric drives.

Fischer Panda took up this development and has manufactured electric and hybrid drive systems for houseboats, motor boats and yachts for more than 15 years now.

Electric drives from Fischer Panda are perfect for cruising on waters where conventional combustion engines are not permitted, both for monohull and multihull boats with one or two drives.

What we offer:

  • Complete system from a single source
  • Silent and vibration-free cruising
  • Up to 100 % emission-free
  • Sufficient power on board at all times
  • Efficient Motor
  • Unique manoeuvrability
  • Professional 24 h customer support
  • Extremely low cruising costs

Due to the principle “cable replaces shaft”, the drive offers various space-saving installation options.

With Fischer Panda the customer has the choice:

– 100% battery operation for purely electric driving

– a parallel hybrid electric motor for “silent cruising” or as “long-range” for diesel engines

– a system with generator support for the drive and the onboard power


High performance electric motors from Fischer Panda

Fischer Panda electric pod and shaft motors are available in the versions 10/20 kW/48 V with 600 rpm and 10/20 kW/48 V with 1200 rpm. These are characterized by their high torque of 160/320 Nm respectively. Versions for high-voltage systems, from 50 kW (360 V to 420 V), with a speed of 1200 rpm are also available. Fischer Panda drive systems are therefore suited for leisure and sport boats as well as for passenger ships and commercial applications.

The Fischer Panda 48 V Parallel Hybrid Drive is suitable for boats with a conventional drive system with combustion engine / transmission. This is the ideal solution for cruising and manoeuvres, especially at very low speeds. The drive motor is mounted parallel to the existing drive shaft. No further modifications to the drive train are necessary. In addition, it is possible to supply power to electrical consumers.

The electric drive motors meet all basic requirements of the applicable European directives and standards. They are operated in the safety extra-low voltage range. The highest possible safety for the application and the installation is therefore guaranteed.

Thanks to their robust and professional construction, the motors and components of Fischer Panda drive systems are perfectly suited for transport ferries, commercial workboats and private leisure yachts. Fischer Panda manufactures exclusively with water-cooled components.


48 V EasyBox control system from Fischer Panda for boats with a displacement of up to 40 tons

The 48 V “EasyBox” basic system includes a purely electric drive with an output of up to 2 x 20 kW and a torque of up to 320 Nm. The installation is particularly quick and easy.

Batteries are normally charged via a shore power connection. They can also be charged by an additional 48 V alternator or via a “REGENERATION” function. This is possible when the main engine is running or recovering energy by propeller rotation during sailing.

The Easybox can be used in a pure battery system or in a parallel hybrid system and is available from EUR 10,450.00 plus VAT.


High-voltage EasyBox control system from Fischer Panda for boats with a displacement of more than 40 tons

Easybox HV high voltage systems are available with up to 100 kW mechanical power / 420 V.


Fischer Panda drive system with generator

The Fischer Panda Hybrid Drive can combine both supply power to drive and electrical consumers into a single electrical system. The battery bank and the generator become the central power source for BOTH systems.

A Fischer Panda AC Generator is generally a better solution when the focus is on powering consumer electrical devices .

If the focus is on driving, a Fischer Panda DC Battery Charging Generator is recommended. At slow boat speeds, the remaining power can be used for the electrical appliances on board. When  electricity is not required for other on-board consumers , the generator only charges the battery bank (Range Extender).

When shore power is not available or solar and wind energy is insufficient, Fischer Panda recommends installing a generator to charge the battery bank.