48 V Parallel-Hybrid

This system is ideal for cruising or manoeuvring (especially at low speeds) when a traditional ship’s main engine is installed.

The drive engine is mounted parallel to the existing shaft. Minimal modification to the shaft may be required to attach the pulley/drive belt. By simply pressing the REGEN button, the battery bank can be recharged when the main engine is running.
This system is for ships with a traditional combustion engine/gear.

Basic system components

1. Fischer Panda electric motor (parallel hybrid drive)
2. Fischer Panda EasyBox control unit
3. Control panel GD2
4. Throttle (IP40)
5. Electromagnetic clutch

Optional system components

6. Battery charging
7. Shore power connection
8. Power for 230 V electrical consumers

Easy to install

The EasyBox electric drive system from Fischer Panda is the heart of the Whisperprop Basic System. It contains motor control, main fuses, battery charger and all the connections for the panel, joystick (throttle) and battery bank. The system is extremely easy to install! AGM or Lithium battery banks can be used with an Easybox system.

1. EasyBox control unit
2. Fischer Panda electric motor (parallel drive version)
3. Electric clutch
4. Transmission belt
5. Drive shaft connecting propeller with main engine

Electric parallel-hybrid motors from Fischer Panda

Fischer Panda offers the electric motors as parallel hybrid versions. These are suited for operation as auxiliary drives. Electromagnetic coupling is available. They are easy to install, economical, and very quiet. They can often be operated on protected waters where the operation of a combustion engine is prohibited. Sailing yachts with a fixed propeller can let the propeller rotate (drag) to recharge the batteries.

  • Permanent magnet technology
  • Highly efficient
  • Brushless
  • Stainless steel / aluminium housing
  • High torque – even at low speeds
  • Easy to maintenance – suited for commercial applications.
  • Regeneration
  • No oil used for cooling
  • Maximum torque – even from the first turn!
  • Quiet noise – no gears
  • 48 Volt – low voltage
  • All performance ratings = on the shaft
Type Speed Performace kW Torque Weight Article-No. Drawing Datasheet
B00-150-8-SH Parallel-Hybrid 600 UpM 10 kW 160 Nm 71 kg 0023026 FP1-055256 FP Electric_Motor_Parallel_Hybrid_PH_10kW_600rpm
B00-300-8-SH Parallel-Hybrid 600 UpM 20 kW 320 Nm 103 kg 0023028 FP1-055257 FP Electric_Motor_Parallel_Hybrid_PH_20kW_600rpm

Options / Accessories for Parallel Hybrid Motors

Mounting for Parallelhybrid 10 kW (600 rpm):

Part no. :
Weight: 10 kg

Mounting for Parallelhybrid 20 kW (600 rpm):

Part no. : on request
Weight: 20 kg